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WTF is an Alibaba? Something You Should Invest In, That’s What

In Stock Dame on April 22, 2014 at 7:53 am


For  most of  my entire my life, I’ve struggled mightily to understand financial  markets. I’m not lying to you. While I’m generally regarded as a person of above average intelligence, Dame trying to grasp the daily happenings on the NASDAQ is often akin to Deexter Manley attempting to read “War and Peace”

Since we both no that’s acceptable, I’ve been taking baby steps, towards rectifying my state of fiscal ignorance.

I’ve also been digitally crawling to financial sites on a daily basis as I’ve implimented operation “Know As Much About The Stock Market As You Do Fantasy Football”

While on a mission designed to make said operation a sucsess, I came across and article about Alibaba upcoming IPO, on CNN Money

What is Alibaba? Maybe this passage from the CNN article will help clarify things.

“By one estimate, almost four out of every five dollars spent online in China are spent in Alibaba’s marketplaces.On last year’s Singles Day — China’s version of Cyber Monday — sales on Alibaba’s shopping sites clocked in at $5.7 billion, more than double America’s Cyber Monday figure.”

Now remember, I’m pretty much a idiot when it comes to the stock market and others have thrown shade at Alibaba, but it won’t hurt to do some investigating as to be able to render your own opinion.

Information is power right?


Move over Facebook, Alibaba’s mega IPO is coming


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