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Juan’s (2) Million Dollar words.

It is becoming readily apparent that far to many in our society fail to realize that while we live in a democracy, we spend at least a 3rd of our lives working in a dictatorship in which many of our Democratic principles don’t apply in the slightest.

If one honestly accepts  modern reality, and doesn’t let their denial, bias or complete lack of understanding of the American workplace impede their judgement, they would easily be able to see that the firing of Juan Williams is in no way a travesty of justice, nor  in nor was it infringement of his first amendment rights.

While there are laws against against age, sex, race and religious discrimination in the workforce, there is NOTHING protecting  the right of  free speech while employed by Private sector entities.


That First Amendment Black Card you walk around with instantly becomes a bus pass when you enter the realm of compensation for labor.

Whether or not private business’s ability to impede your speech or expression while on its payroll ideal or not is debatable.  The fact its well within its rights to do so is not.


Rick Sanchez
Helen Thomas
Don Imus
Al Campanis
Jimmi The Greek.

And thousands, possibly millions of nondescript others.

You are afforded the right to say what you want in this country,  but not the right to remain employed while doing so.

Now to wade  through the cesspool of hypocrisy and idiocy

It seems in today’s world everyone is overwrought with zealousness, that inherently impedes objective assessment. The promotion political interest has become blatant during the Juan Williams controversy, with contestants  on the left and the right dispersing hollow arguments.

There is the idiotic stance that Williams should have been fired by NPR along time ago for his faux liberal leanings. The inane implication is NPR should have dismissed Williams for false representation  of professed political ideals on another network.


To call upon his firing based on the perceived lack of earnest veracity in his liberal stance while playing the Black Alan Colmes is assiniene.

It’s not NPR’s job to gauge the political sincerity of those working for other networks.

The general Conservative take has been even more troubling.  Its seems that every time a media figure  is criticized and or fired for outlandish statements, free speech that’s NEVER been present in the work place is somehow scarified at the alter of political correctness.

Forget the tree falling in the forest, is possible to destroy something that doesn’t exist?

How about we look at what Mr. William’s said and go from there.

“Political Correctness can lead to some sort of paralyses where you don’t address reality. Hey look Bill I’m no bigot, you know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on a plane and I see people in Muslim garb, and think they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims I get nervous, I get worried. I remember also when that Times Square Bomber was on trial, He said the war with Muslims, Americas war with Muslims was just beginning. I don’t think there is anyway to get away from these facts”

William’s may have been conveying his honest feeling about Muslims in traditional dress, but that doesn’t make his statement devoid of ignorance and prejudice.  With his “identifying first as Muslim” statement, he states that, depending on dress, he sees nothing but a ardent follower of Islam with strong potential to do him harm in some sort of Terrorist attack, sorta of like when certain White people see nothing but thugs and gang members while observing black youth in “traditional”dress.

Williams doesn’t see any of the other potential human qualities in those dressed in “Muslim Garb” he just see somebody that might just kill him in a Jihadist rage.

Prejudice at its finest.

Williams then tried to support his words and actions at airports by invoking the words of one man on trial for a attempted terrorist act.   The super imposing of one persons words and insidious acts is default tactic  of justification of prejudice and or racism.  Somehow Williams has come to the self assured belief that the words and actions of one convicted terrorist are viable for any of the 7 million Muslims residing in the U.S depending on their choice of attire on a given day.

Williams’s Citing political correctness as the main ill adversely effecting discussion on controversial  topics is also troubling.

While its lack of standard definition  hampers its supporters while leaving it open to attack and exploitation, political correctness had nothing to do with Juan’s firing.

The  belief “speaking from the heart” or “being honest” in ones sentiments inoculates or should protect one from potential repercussions is a false one.

I believe all niggers are dumb
I believe all spics disease carrying deviants
I think all crackers are evil incarnate and deserve to be called devils..

Are all beliefs held by individuals in our land, if a person softened up the rough edges on those views and projected them should or would they reattain there employment?

Political correctness is often hypocritically enforced by those who claim to abhor it, but those very individuals  feel that any utterance a person  makes no matter how sexist, racist, or xenophobic, should not get one fired WHEN  it  espouses their  beliefs. Such thought completely goes against status quo business practices involving all potential speech that conflicts with its desired image or bottom line.

The nation as a whole seems to have a problem  differentiating factual  honesty with, often abrasive honest feelings.

NPR  for all of the false liberal leaning accusations made against it, breaks its back daily to provide its listeners  with subject matter and guest that cover the political spectrum. Declaring that NPR has an overt political bent is almost as idiotic as saying C-Span has one, any objective listener or study of guest and topics would state as much. Given the political climate of the day, those who despise National Public Radio are in a perfect position to potentially ACORN due to its preference not to aligned directly with sentiments perceived to be biased against a given group and maintain some of its hosts reattain an aura of objectivity.

Whats lost in debate is the strong desire of many to be able to disparage for demonize particular groups with impunity. In their desire to create such a reality, scores fail to realize is there are entities that will provide a platform for such views, but every outlet is not required to give voice to any and every opinion.

William is largely being portrayed as a victim in regards to his dismissal, but honestly this incident has been a boon career wise for him.  With a new contract in hand, and a higher profile then he could ever imagine, he can often  be seen spewing vitriol towards his ex employer.

“I always thought the right wing were the ones inflexible and intolerant, but now i’m coming to realize. the orthodoxy and npr if its representing the left is unbelievable”

that he wouldn’t dare speak  week ago, while sordidly invoking race.

“To think me somehow as a black man, say something out of the box, they find it difficult”

Sadly prejudice comments from Black people or any other race are not that  “out of the box”. Nor is the propensity of Americans to cling onto a omnipresent enemy and let it misguide its thoughts and actions.

There isn’t a definitive right answer as to whether or not Williams should have been fired , but its undeniable that his dismissal was as American as his  prejudicial views towards Muslims.


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I love music

I love politics


It is only natural I enjoy when they intersect.

Word to Death Certificate.

What I don’t like as much is when hypercritical individuals decide to take a righteous stand on a issue when the ground they are standing on is as fragile as a scene from “2012”

Earlier today a friend of mine asked me what my thoughts were on Plies’s new song “Why U Hate”. Given that I’m not a fan of the Goon extraordinaire, I had to look it up, which in this day in age took about .5 seconds. 2 minutes and some seconds later I wasn’t impressed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a inherent Plies hater, my introduction to the southern “MC” was via “100 Years” which quite frankly was right up somebody of my political bents alley. I didn’t mind “Shawty”, as I understood why, and thought it deserved to be a hit, and respected and continue to respect his acumen in regards to being able to make hits.

My issue with Algernod Washington is his willful proliferation of the “Goon” lifestyle which is basically the southern incarnation of “Thug Life” on steroids. Now I’m not one who despises ignorance on all levels, in fact I indulge in it quite often, but when you try to do a 180 and address issues that seriously affect millions of indiviguals in a literal life or death manner, problems arise. (I’ll save my thoughts on the atrocious “Becky” for another day, I HATE that song, and imagine me hating a song about…….)

For the past 3 years or so Plies has inundated the airwaves with tales of slaging crack, bussen niggaz heads, and fucking numerous hoes, who we are constantly reminded aren’t shit.

Hey, if you want to making a living in our capitalist society by intelligently enlightening /exploiting the masses with tales about the ills that plague a large segment of it, by all means do you. It’s not like he’s selling glass shard laden Popsicles or anything.

Just don’t turn into Dr. King on my ass tho.

“Why You Hate” attempts to address, the omnipresent prejudice towards Black Americans that a significant portion of Whites have held against us since (before) this nations inception. And quite honestly he does a damn good job.

The song and the accompanying video, which contains some powerful imagery, combines potent statements with some poignant Socratic method questioning

“The Shit yall took us through, is prolly the reason we off.”

“The police want us bad, the judge hate us more, the jury think we guilty before we come through the door”.

“Yall take our money, yall won’t help us tho”

“Every law that’s passed,desinged to sink us more, and everytime we go to jail yall get paid tho, but when we ask for money yall slam the door.”

“Because we Black Bra, don’t mean we steal tho, and cuz we from the ghetto don’t mean we dumb tho”

“Respect we had for each other, it wasn’t even close”

All of those are damn good points, that deserve to be included into the “honest discussion about race” this country STEADFASTLY refuses to have.

I’ve personally held the belief that Black America’s self hate didn’t just spontaneously generate, but instead was enginered the petri dish of America, lady justice is far from blind and in fact had lasik surgery in the 17th century, along with the political reality that distributing resources that implicitly help Black Americans, or just by default is guaranteed to cause much consternation.


Who is Plies to make such statements?

The easiest way to destroy a message is to have un-credible individual deliver it.

Plies epitomizes the fears and worst stereotypes White America holds towards blacks, in thier honestly held belief assessments, or convenient crutches to denote negro ignorance.

Every cogent point he makes is lost in the abyss of ignorance he exudes on a daily basis

This song is the equivalent of sending Flavor Flav to Congress to enlighten the leaders of our polity on Black Suffering.

Algernod asks in his song:

“Is it the way we live, or is it the way we talk?

While the latter is a indefensible rationale to abhor a people, the former is reasonable rationale to have reservations about any grouping of people.

Plies basks in the same lifestyle the causes so many of the problems he address on this track, and helps create and sustain the views others have of him, have of US, that he articulately queries the holders of as to why they hold them

See why the ground is crumbling beneath him?

While I respect the song on its own merit, I also have some issue with a few of the statements made within it.

Plies states:

“They say are President is black, but we can’t tell tho”.

What type of ignorant nigga shit is that?

As if 44th President of our land didn’t have enough problems, without ignorant niggaz like Plies questioning his Blackness. Yes, I know, despite .the view of many who like to party with tea, he hasn’t addressed the problems of Black Americans specifically during his short time in office, but to say imply that he is just a pawn that isn’t concerned with our well being at all is on of the most shameful and spurious summations I’ve heard this year. If your going to make a political song, at least be learned in the nuances of realpolitik.

“The government distributes, we ain’t really have a choice”

“Your people was born with money, are people was born broke.”

Are also are very problematic

No matter the circumstances anyone human is placed in, he is never devoid of his free will, yes environmental factors definitely influence ones decision making, they do not ULTIMATELY make ones decision.


If you think there aren’t MILLIONS of poor White people in this land, I don’t even want to speak to your uneducated ass.

Not to go all Jello pudding pops on yall, but, there isn’t a Black person in this land that hasn’t thought at some point that we our worst enemy whether that summation is right or wrong. Placing the vast majority of the blame on our problems on White people is screams to have someone utter the word disingenuous, and is especially troubling when the claim in being made by a person who willfully promotes that which maligns us.

While I definitely agree that structural racism imposed on Blacks by White America has and CONTINUES to adversely affect us, I refuse to co sign the broad brush utilized by Plies, nor condone his clearly hypercritical stance.

Comments are (wanted) welcome.

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