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No Tipping Point: Sadly We Know How the T.I Story Will End

In Negro Ignorance, Rant Dame on May 25, 2014 at 2:50 pm


I’m pretty much fed up with T.I

I’m not going to call him a snitch, because the consigliere he had during his real life reenactment of a”Punk’d” episode starring machine guns, was the same guy that got Ben Roethlisberger off when he acted in a way that would cause the majority of people NOT to put their paychecks up and bet didn’t rape a co-ed in Georgia.

To quote “Coming To America’s” pre Sexual Chocolate performance review “That boy good!”

No, my annoyance with T.I doesn’t stem from his being an Olympic level felon, nor his idiotic Cali actions, that got him sent back a little while ago.

Nah, my annoyance with T.I is of the classic, tried and true, “He’s so talented and has so much to lose, why does he keep fucking up!?!” variety.

Everybody laughed when TIP ran up on a ATL Housewife husband or whatever, but that action a couple weeks ago could’ve turned bad and resulted in potential jail time.

Same with what happened with Floyd Mayweather at Fat Burger.

Mayweather is damn near THE Las Vegas economy, do you think if really went bad they (yes the ubiquitous, but well known they) were going to do Floyd in?


A Jekyll and Hyde family man, entertainer whose career has seen better days / man who can’t help listen to his inner thug voice when it yells “BAAAAAAANNNNNKKKKHEEEAAAADDD!!!!!

Yes, Floyd was taking pictures with your wife, I get that, but do you reeeaaallly think he was trying to smash?

What is NO for mere common sense Alex?



T.I is a millionaire MANY times over. Now I’m sure he knows more about being a crime boss than me or even this guy


I thought the whole point of becoming rich and powerful was to have other people do your bidding?


I know you’re thinking “Did he just call Young Dro a Weed Carrier”


His name is Young Dro and sadly, it’s been ALL downhill sonically since the CLASSIC “Day One” mixtape.

Back to TIP tho.

T.I is a supremely intelligent, uber talented and from what people can glean from television footage, an amazing father.


It’s going to be real f**ked up when he goes back to prison over some dumb sh*t.

And yall got the nerve to call Gucci Mane retarded…



Levity SN: Let me find out @FloydMayweather hit T.I with the classic Goldie line.

Kenan Thompson on SNL’s lack of diversity: We can’t find black females who are ‘ready’

In Negro Ignorance, Random ILL on October 15, 2013 at 1:41 pm

Maybe NBC would just prefer to have Black dudes dress up as chicks?

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