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Thoughts on a Delusional Boss

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I never liked Rick Ross. No, he has never displiayed the overt wackness which spawns deserved instant denergration every time his name arises. No, In truth he’s actulay a pretty good MC.

There was just something about him stating

“I know Noriega, The real Noriega”

On his first single that immediately created my “I cant fuck with this guy” stance. Yes I understand everything (especialy rap) is not meant to be taken litterally, and paticular forms of entertainment require you to separate, if not outright divorce, yourself form reality. But. When somebody like Ross actully stresses the authenticty of such illogical blashomy, point me to the nearest exit and que up the Large Professer.

In the four years since I refused to listen to the self proclaimed “Boss” he has crafted a very respectable catalog, made an allience with the Hov..errr God of cocaine rap like Jeezy and T.I before him and while nobody speaks on it, kinda lightweight Ja Ruled 50…….

Impressive indeed.

Yet I was very content to ignore Ross’s precence in the game. Oh sure I would occasionally check on the latest happings with the mother of his children on Boo Boo Tv, or see how the lawsuit brought against him by the living embodiment of 2 Pac’s flabby and sick line is going.   Beyond that tho, I was cool to live in a boss free world in my spare time.

This was all untill a recent trip back to my hometown and a converstion with two younger cousins of mine that went somthing lke.

“You listen Ross?”

“No I really don’t fuck with him”

(both combined) “WHHHAAAATT!!!??!!?”

I went into my spiel about how one line runied his music for me, and we mutlaly agreed that the the overblown C.O contrersy was just that, but the overriding theme was that I needed to listen to Rick Ross.

“You listen to Blowing Money Fast yet?”

“The Jeezy one,Not the Ross ish!”


“Like I said, I don’t fuck with that dude”

“Your boy Styles is on it”

Selling point victory…………

While listening I “BMF” I couldn’t decide weather I was more suprised at how good the song was, or that Ross complety outshined one of my favorite rappers Styles P

Regardless, that song was enough to convince me to procure a copy of the Albert Anastasia EP, which is quite good. , while  do believe the demise planet the in 2012 a little more plausable after hearing Ross murder Kool G Rap on a track, yes I would recomend it being in your collection

So all is cool surrounding Ross in my opinion now? Ehh not quite. I’m cool with the fact he just a very good narrator of a lifesitlye he coundn’t have possibly lived or be living, and amsused but not at all suprised that, that the glaring holes in his credibitly hasn’t stopped EVERYBODY from wanting to work with him. No, all of that is okay. Hip Hop needs to stop taking itself so serousily on some levels, and busnees breeds fakness and contridition. My only gripe surronding Ross now concerens the riduclous comparisons of him to Bigge. No, I’m the type of person who lets nolstigia blind oneself to present realities (Jordan vs Kobe debate anyone?) but that parallel is utterly fucken ridiculous.

O.K they both rap(ed) about cocaine. Check. Both are of the obease nature. Check….. Ummm… anything else?

It should be of no shock that someone of Puff’s nefarious nature would inatiate such foolishiness in a Ciroc induced haze at best, or in a attempt to attach himsef to all things relivent at worst. Whatever the reason tho, his endorsement of, and peoples belief that Rick Ross is the 2nd coming of Bigge is the type of that ish helps maintain the dispoasable art ( © Masta Ace) nature of Hip Hop and robs greats, in this case the Notorious one, of some of the revervence they earned. Ross is nice, but let not get carried away. The rapper who adopted his moniker from the man who helped destroy Black America in the 80’s will relase a new album this coming Tuesday June 20th, and in all honstey its worth a purchase. After hearing the Cee-Lo assited banger “Tears of Joy” which recklessly mixes Black Panther ideoogly in the same pyrex with the coke and hearing Ross utter

“Bigge Smalls in the Flesh, Living Life after my Death”

I reckoginzed “The Boss” was the same delusional motherfucker I refused to listen to 4 years ago, and I would not be contribiting to his vivid imagition fund.

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