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During the final year of the greed is good decade, a semi famous musician, soon to become a horrible, but semi famous actor, once came up with an ingenious album title (and cover) that was far more telling of the dynamics of our land then he ever received credit for.

Long before entertaining millions who like their “Law and Order” cut with special victims, Ice- T released an album

titled “The Iceberg/ Freedom of Speech……Just Watch What Would Say”. The declarative statement spoken thru the album’s title excoriated a America who took great pride incessantly pointing out its citizens enjoyed freedoms, open speech preeminent among them, that other less fortunate souls could only dream of if their repressive nations allowed the cognitive ability to fathom such liberated expressions of humanity to develop.

By utilizing such a title Tracey Morrow was bringing illumination to the practical reality of the most American of ideals.  While one needn’t fear being pushed out of helicopter into the Atlantic Ocean for the wrong utterances, the possibility weak legal retribution and the expectation of intense rebuke for expression of views contrarian those held by the public at large.

While the denunciation of those expressing opposing viewpoints is to be expected, the rationale that often spurs such condemnation is as peculiar as it is disturbing. Frequently its more so the position held by those expressing unpopular

Yeah like you wouldn't like time off from work, as long as you didn't lose any checks...

sentiments that spawns, and continuously fuels the intensity of rebuke, than the sentiments themselves.

Morrow by  expressing viewpoint criticizing a country  that “afforded him” the ability to  earn  more cash an attain more fame then the common which populate it who potentially or in actuality contributed to their cache  incited the seemingly base American belief that individuals of a particular standing should not, and should know better, than to express  certain view points.

In more recent times, those expected to practice self adornment via muzzle are professional athletes.

Over the past two weeks, the question of should professional athletes use or even be allowed to use the ubiquitous 140 character limited social networking vehicle Twitter”.  Rashard Mendenall’s brief commentary on the celebratory mood of American’s after the killing of Osama Bin Laden brought swift commendation from all angles . Mendenhall was denounced as stupid, callous and of course un American, a result of his remarks.  An  often  accompaniment of the malicious banter directed toward the professional  running back, was the sentiment that he didn’t know anything should just ”shut up” and play football.

Shut up and do your job, a truly American statement that utterly contradicts its professed, if not always practiced ideals.

The most causal of observation of comment on Mendenhalls’s statements and those of a like manner, could easily cause one to believe that those compensated to perform acts of sport are inherently dumb.  While never out rightly stated, to the majority it seems that the most impressive feat routinely preformed by those on the courts and fields, is showing that they didn’t let any of the numerous professors they’ve encountered permeate their skulls with the knowledge they spout.

Why is the intelligence of athletes viewed so derisively?

Why sans the endorsing of various goods and services, does the non sports related speech of athletes cause so much ire?

A polity dependent on highly paid distractions seemingly can’t afford to have them divert from their given task. Without the slightest bit of contemplation, it reflexively condemns those disturbing the tranquility of following those who follow their roles.

Somehow we as a society have created sordid construct that strips away many aspects of humanity from the Professional athletes we outwardly revere while concurrently resenting, and replaces it with monetary compensation. Mendenhall hall is a citizen just like the rest of us and has a right to speak his mind.

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