Musically Speaking: Apathy “East Coast Rapist”

In Musically Speaking on April 10, 2011 at 4:32 pm
Why do I love this song? 

Apathy made it, and if you don’t know, dude is a monster lyrically.

While my backpack has LONG been retired, I have a strong affinity for things/music of a East Coast Nature.

I mean come, on it utilizes the theme for “The Breakfast Club

Now about that title tho…..

“I aint grow up like Leave It To Beaver
Or Mike Seaver
I’m from where the white trash invented the wife beater”

“Why you prayin’ to god to get a taste of the devil
How you tryna be real… when ya made by Gepetto
You lil’ marionettes…
Swear ya carryin’ techs
I’ll incinerate ya flesh…
Then bury the rest
I’m east coast as they get
On any stage they put me on
Came out the womb with Timbs and a hoodie on”…

Suggested Songs

Apathy “I Remember”

Copywrite “June”
  1. this is an ill joint. good looking. time to bit torrent!!

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