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Random Banger: Wooh Da Kid “1 Gun, 2 Gun”

In Brick Squad on March 3, 2013 at 4:06 pm

If he is to be believed , yes this man will shoot you.

Given his penchant for being on the forefront of all that is currently wrong with Black America and his track record of groundbreaking ignorance and occasional coonery, Gucci Mane doesn’t get proper for his musical contributions.

Songs alone do don’t not account for said contributions. No matter how scant their time in the limelight,or detrimental effect on the youth., Gucci Mane has brought artist under his wing into national prominence, along with helping cement the legacies of great  producers (Zaytoven, Shawty Redd) who somehow never became ubiquitous in production conversations.

While, sidetracked by the passing of Slim Dunkin, Gucci continues to try to put on members of his “Brick Squad Maffia”, with Wooh Da Kid getting the latest push.

I’ve always been a fan of “Posse Cuts”.  Classic  NWA influenced works DOC’s “The Grand Finale”  Above The Law’s “The Last Song” and Rap-A-Lot epic “Bring It On” still are mainstays in my rotation

“1 Gun, 2 Gun” is Wooh Da Kid’s attempt to create such a staple.

When not trying to convince  females to relieve themselves of their clothing by telling them he’s Waka’s brother. Wooh Da Kid journeys to the studio to try to make banngers.

While his dope track batting average could stand some improvement “1 Gun, 2 Gun” is a good start towards Wooh putting out higher quality music.

As the title suggests, 1 Gun is another ode to Black on Black violence via the usage of firearms. While nowhere near positive, nor a display of lyrical brilliance,1 Gun astutely supplies one key element to a good song, a ridiculous beat

Fuse 808 Mafia track in tow, Wooh and his cohorts proceed to explain, with varying degrees of ability, why its best not to fuck with them.

Reenacting any of the lyrics in this song (Sans riding around with a half Jamaican and Korean chick) is NOT the move, but banging this while riding around in your whip or headphones while working out isn’t a bad idea at all.



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