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In Hip Hop on October 16, 2013 at 4:38 pm


Whether you’re Lorde talking consumerism via the Black People audible delivery system or Lord Jamal applying antiquated ideals to what he believes is Hip Hop’s current open sore, race is always tangible topic within Hip Hop.

Nobody has caused more keys to be pushed on the subject of race and rap than Mr. Marshall Mathers himself. Prolific talent combined with cultural mores being applied to one’s skin pigmentation, will cause such events..

No, this isn’t another think piece broaching White’s in Rap, instead the thoughts above were the proverbial things that came to mind as soon as I heard the first chord of the instrumental (to the songs detriment) behind “Rap God”, right after I mused for the gazillionth time that no other (read: Black rappers) could get away with such a beat.

He get’s away with such audible landscapes for the same reasons that he’s been praised as the greatest rapper on the planet even though he’s been slightly better than average at best for, a year shy of a decade.

It’s indicative of the cu….

Wait, did this mutha****er just say “Rap Bot” ?

Sadly, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Even if I turn off my brain and ignore the repeated usage of “boy” throughout the song, ignoring painfully substandard lines like “Rappers are having a rough period/ Here’s a maxipad”, spoken by the rap deity in question. is a difficult task.

Know that I’m not lying, when I say listening to “Rap God”  twice, was chore and U.S psyops may have another hit/torture technique on their hands.

Em slows things down to begin the 3rd verse and you actually start to think “Hey this might end up being good.”, but alas at the 3:21 mark you get more speedy flow, dated Fabulous/Ray J references and JJFad reincarnated in 2013 via Marshall Mathers’s vocal chords.

“Bu Bu Bu wait it gets worse”  © Sticky

For some reason the song then breaks into a snap rap state and  displays a “Laffy Taffy” quality. Now, I would love to invoke the exiled @trelittle and blame Eminem for this album filler monstrosity, but no,this audible abomination happened to be contracted out to DVLP, whom I hope was swayed by Eminem’s statue into making the “Rap God” beat, not displaying regular skill set.

“Rap God” does have it’s moments, Em stating that if he ever walked into church, he would burst into a ball of flames is amusing, but the song overall is another example of why persons who elevate  (present) Eminem alongside the preeminent rap talents of the day, sound like idiotic acolytes .

A assuredly as the world will keep turning, people will still proclaim Eminem one if not the best in the game and somehow inexplicably ignore and support the shitty music he creates. They will also continue to let Em’s often impeccable delivery absolve his lyrical ills and ignore (admittedly good) lines like “If I can’t batter the women, how else am I’m supposed to bake and cake them” after spending much of 2013 digitally crucifying Rick “The Reebok Wearing Rapist” Ross and the passion of Chris Brown.

“Rap God” is not a club banger, nor a radio song, its “Sit down and listen rap” that doesn’t say sh*t over a wack beat, which makes it pretty much unsustainable.


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