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Dame n Los vs The Best Rapper Ever Bracket Parts II & III

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2009 at 7:08 pm

This is turning out to be a lot of fun.

A decent amount of you decided to utilize a hour of your valuable time to listen to  Los and I (f**k proper grammar Dame n Los) debate, argue, dispute and humorously agree who should progress in the “The Best Rapper Ever” bracket, and for that trust we are truly thankful.

Now one thing about me is that I’m my worst critic in almost all of my endeavors, I can do something 99% of the people who are exposed to it like or love, and I’ll  dislike or maybe even hate it.

The curse of my powers is that I used them against myself……

That being said, I thought the first show was ok….not bad not great basically cool, good maybe….

These two we just did tho…..

As Katt Williams would say….

“This shit  right here ni**a!…. This shit right here!!!” 

Trust Bracket 2 is a banger of a show… 

Dame n Los vs The Best Rapper Ever Bracket Part II (double click to play/right click and save target as to download)


click this link to stream


And Bracket 3 is even better…

Dame n Los vs The Best Rapper Ever Bracket Part III (double click to play/right click and save target as to download)

or click here to stream

 If you know me personally, you definitely know I’m a humble dude, so this comes for the Damien seal of honesty.

 Have a listen and enjoy…


Don’t be afraid to leave a comment Your thoughts are welcome fam

 Enjoy the long weekend..


Dame n Los vs The Best Rapper Alive Bracket Pt.I

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2009 at 12:28 pm

 If you are a Hip Hop fan in any serious sense then you’ve more than likely had conversations and heated debates about “Who is the Best Rapper/MC” of all time. I often shy away from such subjective duels and related “Top 10 MC’s” list for the simple reason that nobody has devised a decent standardized formula of what comprises the best ever. What elements go into the equation?  How much weight does each variable hold? 

Setting aside the scientific theory talk for a moment, I must say that I was kinda surprised when my boy Los hit me up Sunday morning with very good reason not to do a Dame n Los on sports show.

“Why not do conquer the Vibe Best MC Ever List?  It’s Hip Hop related and its sorrta sports related with the NCAA tournament bracket setup.”

Upon shaking off Saturday nights Stella consumption I had to agree that Los had come up with a good idea.  Sure he left me with no time to prep or get gather audio for the show, but he did come up with a good and timely topic, given the exposure Joe Budden has given it, topic of discussion.

So here I present Dame n Los on The Best Rapper Ever list Part 1, here we tackle the first round of the 1st of 4 brackets encountering some interesting matchups which spurred some strong opinions… 

You can right click and download it here

Or you can just go to this website and stream the show.

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