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D-Wil is At It Again……

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2009 at 3:45 pm


I’ve been slacking a lil on my D-Wil reading lately, mainly because.

A. Basketball doesn’t intrigue me like it used to,

B. Baseball damn near doesn’t interest me at all anymore

C. They’re  the only major sports in Season right now  (I love Hockey too, you go tell ESPN its major tho)

 So I’ve stayed away from SOMM recently along with the insightful, honest, and abrasive to some (including me sometimes) writings that go on over there.

I do have their webpage bookmarked on my phone however,  and while I was waiting for the Dopest Ethiopian (literally) to bring me my food  I was reminded why I think D-Wil is one of the better writers out there, especially on matters concerning sports.

Being that yesterdays  Nuggets vs Mavs game was the opening act to what would become a glourious Penguins day for me, DWil’s article: 

Denver-Dallas: A Bennett Salvatore-Led Crew Does in the Mavs Again – and ESPN ’s “Doublethink” and “Crimestop” 

Caught my attention immediately, and proceeded to espouse truth throughout. 

And a  second recent article 

The Other Side of hCG and Manny Ramirez 

Gives a very enlightened, almost never traveled path, view on the latest Major League Slugger “busted” for using steroi…  errrr performance enhancing drugs 

 Yes, while they are sometimes rooted in irrefutable logic, his views on racial matters can be disconcerting. 


No I don’t like the fact he has forced me to put more thought in the influence gambling has on sports.

But with all the power vested in my subjectivity, I would say it’s a fact the man writes his ass off.

If you’re a fan of Sports, Good Writing, or both, you should go check him out.

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