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Morning Music: Starlito ft Don Trip “No Rearview”

In Morning Music on July 11, 2013 at 10:51 am


It’s difficult starting over, that’s better than going backwards”



What, you thought “Morning Music” was just a bastion of tracks from bygone eras? Please think again my valued friend.

Today a.m soundtrack of choice is provided by should be star Starlito.

After dropping the (replete with “Boardwalk Empire” samples) stellar “Funerals And Court Dates” last December, Lito has returned this summer with the equally if not exceedingly better “Cold Turkey”

“No Rearview” is one many standout songs on CT. Full of growth, honesty and ever rare rapper vulnerability, “No Rearview” gives a nuanced approach to the omnipresent topic in music of relationships.

Starlito provides an A1 verse and even better positive hook that shows what many of us with people in the streets already know. They are thoughtful, contemplative people too.

After all of the previous Starlito praise above, here’s the shocker though.

One could say he got blazed on his on sh*t, as Don Trip provides quite possibly the best guest verse of 2013 thus far on the same track.

I would question such a “he got him” sentiment in regards to “No Rearview” however, for Starlito and Don Trip provided us with much too good of a song for us to place the focus on such trivial matters.

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