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WIWUT: I Believe, Because Ben Believes..

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As you can see by the banner at the top of the site, the word “believe” is one of the most important words in all of sports.  Without it, you may as well not even put your pads on, strap up your skates or lay your fitted New Era hat on your head.
This morning I spent about 30 minutes or so watching various Superbowl highlights on Youtube.  Being from Pittsburgh, we are lucky because the Steelers have more of them then any other NFL team.  There is one clip that stands out to me more than anything else..
The Superbowl 43 drive.  As far as I am concerned, and no disrespect to John Elway (my late Grandmother’s favorite player), this is “the drive” to end all drives.  Ben believed in himself and his teammates.  With the score 23-20 with 2:30 left in the 4th quarter, he had complete confidence he would win the game.  As I sat in the corner of Fanattics Sports Bar in Squirrel Hill surrounded by as many people that have ever crammed into my tiny neighborhood bar I did my best to calm everyone around me down.
“It’s Ben..  he will not let us lose!” I shouted to my friends as I simultaneously drank a Miller Lite and took a shot of Jager.  Besides James Harrison’s amazing touchdown run to close out the first half, the Steelers’ defense was getting picked apart by Kurt Warner and Larry Fitz..  it was Ben who had to bail the team out, and he did it..  because he believed.
1st and 10 on their own 22 yard line..  Ben drops back and scrambles..  hits Moore and here comes the flag. Offensive holding and the Steelers must start their drive 1st and 20.  He drops back again..  almost gets sacked as he is being chased by 3 defenders and boom..  27 yard pass to Santonio Holmes.  
No problem.  Fast forward to 3rd and 6..  Ben gets blitzed again and he somehow hits Holmes again..  one more first down.  They are getting close to field goal range..  which would have tied the game 23-23 and sent the game (most likely) into the first overtime in Superbowl history.  Then with 57 seconds left, Ben again hits Santonio who quickly turns up field and sprints down to the 7 yard line.  
Ben isn’t thinking “let’s tie this”..  he is thinking, “let’s win this”.  You know how this story pans out..  but I wanted to paint this picture once more for all of you.  Ben is a proven big game winner (10-2 in the playoffs – suck it Peyton) and he may have had his off the field issues, but the Rooneys did not cave to public pressure to get rid of him.  I have said it a million times on this site..  but when the deck gets stacked against the Steelers, don’t worry and just believe.  
No links today..  it’s all the same crap that the media has been spinning their wheels in for the past 2 weeks.  MY GOD, Ben took his linemen out for dinner and drinks.  Shocking!  Adult men like food, beer and Billy Joel.  
Everyone have a blast this weekend and be safe..  I have a few friends down there, so I expect a ton of updates from you guys on site.. and just remember, our back up goalie can beat up your whole team.
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