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“Dame n Los Show” special Best Rapper Ever Edition.

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I’ve been doing the aptly named “Dame n Los” show with my friend Los for a good 7 months now having lots of fun along the way. What originally started out as two sports junkies commenting on the pressing sports matters of the day, eventuality morphed into us talking about well, “everything”.

One of the topics that happen to fall under everything is Hip Hop.  Given both hosts love for said music genre/way of life,  it was inevitable that matters revolving around the world of rap would come up.  Over time one of those matters has been Vibe magazines Best Rapper Ever Brackets, which have created much controversy and discord over the past two months or so.

Even though they are flawed in some ways (what human creation isn’t) Vibes brackets create starting point for ultimately deciding the eternal question of “Who is the Best MC of all time?” (Insert Ali or God Like Voice). Los and I had already went  through the first 3 of the 4 NCAA style brackets,  various issues have slowed down the taping of the bracket 4th bracket show, until now.

I can honestly say I found this show to be one of if not my favorite. Lots of insightful/ hilarious discussion ensues as Los and ya boy along with a couple special guest debate the merits of various mcs. This show isn’t just relegated to “Bigge, Jay-Z or Nas” talk. We also discuss pressing matters in the news such as the Dr. Gates and Ben Roethlisberger controversies, while also lighten the mood with Nas and Richard Jefferson Talk.

Trust me you Gonna Like it

Word to Lou Pappen

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