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Furious’s Porn Star

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In a surprising turn of events that laughs in the face of whole “what if your son was gay” theoretical circumstance dreaded by most fathers.  Lawrence Fishburn bka “Furious” to my generation, “Willford” to our Parents, and “Morpheus” to damn near the rest of the planet recently received the worst birthday present EVER, and when I say ever…I mean 


On his 49th birthday this past July 30th, Lawrence’s daughter  Montana “Chippy D” (Really?) Fishburn announced that she would be making her porn debut in a film that will be released by Vivid entertainment later this month.  

 Wow, I guess in 2010 nothing says “I love you daddy” like sucking random ****s on camera.   

(Side note, the writer of this article, may or may not actually have seen a scene like that involving Daisy Marie, and if he was Daisy’s father he would have eliminated everyone involved with it. Key Grip, makeup artist, Everybody…) 

I mean  

It’s bad enough when you’re just a regular guy and your daughter happens to be a little to popular with the football team.


Counseling may be necessary when you’re a non descript guy and your friends have your daughter on their hard drive taking baby missiles to the face.


When you’re a  world renown respected thespian and you your daughter does this….. 

I return again to Wow… 

Just Wow….. 

In most cases I never use the “we don’t know what went on” argument when viewing various matters, but I’ll make a devils advocate exception in this case. Larry could be a bad guy in general and a horrible father specifically. It is possible (only because damn near everything is) that father Fishburn could have treated daughter Montana horribly and this is rebellion wrapped up in sweet revenge. 

I doubt that tho….  

Say what you will about image and perception, but Mr. Fishburn comes off as one of those individuals that would want only the best for his family. Somehow I find it hard to visualize Montana not having any of her needs met (no pun) or her father refusing to utilize his extensive connections to help his daughter advance in life. Even if Larry wasn’t father of the year material, what type of a evil bastard would he haft to be to deserve this..

Upon listening to the interviews Montana Fishburn has given regarding her foray in to porn its easy to surmise that she might not be one of the bright minds of our future.  She states that  her idol is Kim Kardashian and she saw how her sex tape help rocket her to stardom, so she chose to follow suit..  

Sorry I can’t type with forehead in palm….. 

I guess the fact that the Kardashian tape she is speaking on, like the the Hilton tape before it and the Pam Anderson tape long ago,  was actually a private tape that got “leaked” NOT  a full blown porn production, is completely lost on her.  

The people involved with them were perceived to be normal individuals with some connection to notoriety who happened to  to have their sex life unwittingly spread to the public at large, not the daughter of a famous person who signs a porn contract with a leader in the industry. 

Once you sign the porn contract, you lose all rights to be perceived as a “regular” person, which pretty much deads any dreams of mainstream success. 

You can come back from being a stripper, (Eve,Amber Rose) but once you take that next step down the slippery  slope to doing porn, its a wrap. 

DP’s of the non Dan Patrick variety and Multiple Facials not provided from the local spa tend to leave their mark on the public at large. 

Don’t let the new Traci Lords (Sasha Grey) fool you….. 

Yet when I look in to the eyes of young Montana I can’t help but believe she is almost completely oblivious to powerful ramifications her foray into porn will have on her and those connected to her. Her 19 year old mind, like most her age, has much to learn. Her statements and mere presence during interviews about her film almost convince a person she has no idea how heartbreakingly embarrassing this whole episode must be for her father. From the film itself, to every single time Montana states she has had “plenty” of practice. 

This whole set up was arranged by people older, wiser and more than likely way more manipulative then Montana herself. In the end she might attain the notoriety   she wants, given that August whatever the date is, is gonna be like Lebron’s decision, for porn fans.  That sadly will just make her a “Porn Star”, not a bad thing in my humble opinion at all, I love porn stars personally, but that title will dead any dreams she had of being a multifaceted and respected media star. 

Lord Have Mercy on little Montana Fishburn’s soul 

For she did not know what she was doing when she decimated the 5th comandment like that.

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