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Game Of Lulz: The Internet’s Best Reactions To This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Dear God these are hilarious lol

“House Friendzone” LOL



We have to get by for two weeks on this set of Game of Thrones lulz, folks. It’s the reality. Thankfully there was plenty to pull from this most excellent episode. When you’ve got (SPOILERS) Red Viper-Mountain fight to the death confirmations and Littlefinger dropping crazies out of moon doors the good times pretty much make themselves.

So without further ado, here’s the best the internet has to offer this week. Here’s to hoping the final entry can get us all to June 1st. If you need me I’ll be working on my F*ck Yeah Hot Pie Tumblr.












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Did This Woman Seriously Squirt Breast Milk Into A Coworker’s Milk Carton?

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You know……


F**k it

I got nothing.



I have no idea if the following video — which shows a woman in an office kitchenette pouring milk out of a carton into her coffee, then pulling up her dress and ostensibly squirting milk from her breast back into the carton — is real or a hoax. Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows how sh*tty and territorial people can be about stuff they keep in the office fridge, and I’ve seen more than my share of passive aggressive notes about stealing orange juice or whatnot. I mean it’s f*cking orange juice, calm the hell down.

Either way, I have so many questions.

Was she legitimately trying to replace the stolen milk with her breast milk or did she put the breast milk in there because she legitimately hates her coworker — or both?

If the former is true, then why wouldn’t she just fill the carton…

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NBC Exec Wins Award For Most Baffling Note Ever For The Change He Suggested To ‘The Walking Dead’ Pilot

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NBC Offices are full of geniuses


Television executives are notoriously dumb. In fact, here are 40 actual notes given by network executive that prove how completely moronic they can be. And yet, none of those network notes including “We want them to come off as bimbos, but don’t make them stupid” is as idiotic as the suggestion an NBC executive once made to Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman before they’d agree to pick up The Walking Dead pilot.

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Tribune’s TV Come Up

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With the advent of Netflix, Hulu and other forms of true on demand digital content providers, the extinction clock for telivison as we know it, is ticking more rapidly than ever. That doesn’t mean that television stations themselves aren’t valuable commodities.

Via L.A Times:

Tribune also would have five CBS affiliates, three ABC affiliates and two NBC stations. The company would own 14 stations in the nation’s top 20 markets. The deal would benefit the company by increasing its footprint in such important political battleground states as Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  In past election years, stations in pivotal states have attracted a wealth of campaign spending.

Our great democracy, once again at work.

Tribune’s TV Come Up

Ghostface Killah “Murder Spree” featuring: Masta Killa, U – God, Inspectah Deck, and Killa Sin

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My first thought when I saw this was:. “NEW KILLA SIN VERSE!!!!”, after which I proceeded to run around the room (In my mind).

Well much to my chagrin, after waiting seems like a eternity to hear new bars from one of the illest MCs in the Killarmy, I was sadly disappointed by the lack of him displaying anything that made him great a decade ago.

Well that sucked


I’ll be damned if this song isn’t the sh*t

I haven’t be to excited about Ghosface’s new opus “Twelve Reasons To Die”, partly because I had no idea who Adrian Younge was, who happens to be producing the entire album and because, even tho Ghostface is by far the most consistent rapper ever to grace the realm of Hip Hop, I’ve started to wonder if his tremendous output would start to result in subpar (for him) music.

Foolish me.

Overly a brilliantly haunting Younge instrumental, Ghost and fellow Wu compadres Inspectah Deck, U God and Masta Killa, proceed craft sublime death scenarios, that you wish lasted far beyond  two minutes and fifty four seconds.

Now I know what you’re thinking

“Don’t nobody want to hear U-God, or them other wack niggaz”

I hear you, really do on that.

But you will feel differently after you hear this song.

Trust Me.

Meanwhile I prepare to eagerly anticipate  April 16th, when “12 Reasons To Die” drops

Illest Line(s)

“I cock the sawed off shotty put a hole in ya chest, blow your lungs out, I see you’ve been smoking for years. You got no heart, I’ll hunt you down like “Cape Fear” (c) Ghostface

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