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God Sponsored Bias: The Black Edition

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“It’s in the Bible; doesn’t that somehow cover it ?”  © Peter Griffin

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock (SN: The rock home market never experiences a bubble) for the past week or so, you’re aware of the latest example of Vice President Joe Biden living up to the caricature of himself by spouting off his and by default, the White House’s groundbreaking stance on Gay marriage.

Meanwhile President Obama somewhere still preparing for his next Gay rights play after the highly successful run of “Repealing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, was shoved from behind the curtain and thrust into the spotlight on the Gay marriage issue while still rehearsing his lines.

After the POTUS deftly responded to the political sucker punch thrown by his second in command and “affirmed” his backing of Gay marriage, talk quickly turned to how Black people, his most ardent group of supporters, would react to his newfound political philosophy.

Many surmised that Obama proclamation could end up being the nail is he reelection coffin. Why? Well because if you didn’t know Black people HATE Gay people more than any other race in America.  Not true? Well hey that’s what the TV tells us.

The whole “Black people REALLY” hate Gay’s theme really began to pick up steam in 2008 after Californians passed “Prop 8” an eventual amendment which restricted marriage to opposite sex couples only.  Exit polling showed that 70% of Black people voted for Prop 8 and the conclusions drawn from said voting cause all Hell to break loose.

Blacks were labeled sexual preference Nazi’s so to speak, who should know better and be ashamed of themselves for discriminating against another minority given America’s wonderful treatment of them.

Much ignored was the fact that 49% (read half) of White and Asian voters alike voted for Prop 8 and 53% of Hispanics did also.  Numbers usually don’t have attributes attached to them, but those figures don’t come off as tolerant and accepting.

Now I’m a avid despiser of the “Crash” style “Everybody’s racist/sexist/homophobic etc, so its okay” logic, so the numbers above aren’t meant to absolve Black people, but to bring some context and clarity into the situation.

I mean Hell, during the Prop 8 controversy you’d think that  President Bush  didn’t  get reelected four years prior on a “Fuck the Gays” (figuratively) platform with a very minute amount of the Black vote.

Regardless, Blacks needed to take onus for the large amount of prejudice that went into their anti Gay marriage voting stance then, and the same goes for those who still hold such a position today.

Personally, I, like many other Blacks, have never liked the conflating of the Civil Rights with the Gay rights movement. Maybe it’s my habit camping out in the World of Science waiting room, waiting for somebody dressed in white to bust though the doors proclaiming the finding a “Gay Gene” that would easily debase my belief that many who engage in homosexual activity do so by choice, not by genetic impulse. I’ve never viewed  persons being persecuted for a chosen sexual act, was the same a person literally just being alive.

Still such a view, right or wrong, isn’t a justification for discrimination.

What does seem to be proper justification for Gay prejudice and acting upon said prejudice is religious text ,b.k.a at “The Bible” (for our purposes) a.k.a “The Word of God”

Blacks happen to happen to be some of the most ardent Christians encased within America’s borders. That’s saying something given that United States is the most religious industrialized nation in the world. Such religious devotion lends itself to application of the word in many believers lives and the admonishment of non followers of certain religious tenants.

The Bible’s rebuke of homosexuality has been largely taken up by the Black Christian community.  It would be unfair not to state, no matter what inside the Bible they consciously ignore, that many Black Christians act in certain ways  towards Gays in order to get right with God. 

Securing a place in everlasting paradise aside, the degradation by of Gays by Black Christians, consciously or not, negatively builds the self esteem of a oft degraded group at the expense of another. One can’t help but think of the Southern yeoman who abused and exploited themselves, given Black slaves as a group to mock and abuse, receiving a temporary reprieve from their own suffering.

Such actions are sad, but they are even worse when they or acts similar to them, are propagated by the more learned among us.

When Dr. Boyce Watkins states: 

“It’s OK to be gay and even to be gay within the walls of the black church.  The key is that you simply can’t be gay in public” 

The black church has always been forced to accept homosexuality within its ranks.  The problem, it seems, is when gay people are actually proud of being gay. When they want to kiss, hold hands, get married and secure equal rights, that can be too much for some black Christians to bear.”

Bishop Harry Jackson envoks the slippery slope as rationale to exercise discrimination


Sophia Nelson patronizes Gays and shamelessly resorts to underhanded debate tactics to defend her prejudiced stance

Sadly another chance for an intelligent and influential individual who holds sway in the Black community to call for the end of arguably senseless discrimination passes.

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