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On April 19th 1994 I skipped school.

No, I wasn’t feigning being sick on that date or trying to avoid some bully on 3 o clock high b.s. I had a much more substantial reason.

Nas ‘s eventual, if not instantaneous Hip Hop classic Illmatic dropped that day.

The release of such a testament  of artistry  was easily rationalized in my 16 year old mind as reason to say “fuck school” , and while Nasir’s  numerous future releases weren’t viewed a good reasons to stunt my education, I always, and continue to, check for them.

Given the reverence I have for Nas’s talent and how appreciative I am that he has blessed us with it over the years, I was extremely amped to hear he would be a part of Peter Rosenberg “Noisemakers” series.

I have a love hate relationship (Even though he doesn’t know  who the f**k I am) with Rosenberg. There are times when he blames Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston’s death, makes off color racial remarks, or takes the holier than thou pure “real” Hip Hop stance, when I despise the guy.

Other times though, I find him to be a welcome element in the world of Hip Hop personalities, who often gives earnest cogent opinions on matters past and present utilizing his undeniable knowledge on the subject matter.

I’m a avid listener to his “Juan Epstein” podcast, and a big fan of his “Noisemakers” series, which is basically a Hip Hop version of “Inside the Actors Studio”

How much do I like Noisemakers? I watched one on Jim Jones who I could give a **** less about and who happens to have the range of an office putting green, and was thoroughly entertained and even somewhat informed.

So imagine how happy this Hip Hop head was when he heard that God’s Son err well not thatGods Son, by QU’s finest (sorry Mega) was going get his own Noismakers and bless his fan base with in depth tales from the life of one of the best to ever do it.

Well, you know what they say about expectations…..

It most situations it takes a little while to evaluate a situation and predict what is to come.  1:49 into the 30 minute plus interview, (aka the first question  mark)  it becomes painfully obvious the viewer that what is occur during the nights festivities will only be played during the “dark period” portion of any upcoming Nas retrospective.
Prompted by Rosenberg querying “What the first distinct memory you have of hearing Hip Hop” a better than barley coherent Nas responded in a slurred manner   “My moms and my mom’s stomach”


Now I’m not a avid despiser of train wrecks, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Mr.Turner tape, but I’ve never been one to empathize with the proverbial rock star who shows up to drunk to perform.

Nas was indeed that rock err Hip Hop star the Texas night of the Noismeakers interview.

When not repeatedly calling Peter Rosenberg “Paul, Paul, Paul” in rapid fire succession, Nas takes time to haphazardly invoke Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X with the  dexterity of the alcoholic friend we all have.

That’s not all, if you watch the video posted about you also get to see Nas’s humorlessly dubious diatribe on simplicity and elaborate on how Michael Jackson was a sprit, even when he still walked amongst the living.

Funniness aside, the interview is equal parts funny, sad, and troubling.

When 16 minutes in (b.k.a the halfway mark)  Nas stated that he realized “This is a REAL interview”, the man who has never went platinum, isn’t regarded as one of the best humans to perform his chosen craft and hadn’t engaged in conquest that would’ve made Wilt proud, felt bad for the person who had.

I must say preeminent thought I had while watching this video was that Peter Rosenberg was a muthaf***** professional. Even though he had to know early on that his interview was going to be the polar opposite of his greatest hopes for it, he fearlessly soldered on not showing any signs of inner disgust that had to be building.

While I found the interview personally disappointing and was some was surprised Nas tweeted it out (I guess all publicity is good publicity when you have an album coming out) there was some illuminating substantive conversation.

Nas does elaborate on his rough divorce with Kelis and surprising utilities breath to divulge his finical issues which could logically explain the state he was in.  Overall though, the interview mainly consists of drunk not by myself and try to kick knowledge moments

Sober up Nas, at least when the time calls for it.

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