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Approximately a year ago a old friend lamented to me about their lack of music, and asked me what I happened to be listening to at the time and if I could send him some cds. After chastising him for even mentioning mailing as in “USPO” cd’s. I told him that I was on a heavy Joe Budden and Gucci Mane rotation and I’d lace him up with some ish he could download. That conversation would spawn “Da ILLNESS”

“Da ILLNESS” is basically a series of greatest hits collections crafted by yours truly. I’m not, nor have I ever attempted to be a dj, so these works are more amalgamations of the best tracks by some the illest artist than anything else. In other words…

My Ear  + My Hard Drive =  Excellence

The First ever ILLNESS created was


In that mood isn’t  as many who received it at first thought a best of Joe Budden, instead it is a best of Joe Buddens amazing Mood Muzik Trilogy.  “In That Mood” turned out to be the perfect collection of music to.

A.Introduce those who never heard of Joe Budden to his music.


B. Alter the hardened view many have that Joe Budden is wack as fuck. (p video)This is  Da first ILLNESS created and prolly still my favorite.


I really can’t remember, but I would guess that I hadn’t decided that every ILLNESS had to have a catchy name when I made the one for Gucci Gucci. While Radrick Davis is known to create songs at a pace that can compete of 2 Pac and Lil Wayne, and has crafted many more bangers after this was created, anyone who wants to hear the many Gucci bangers from 2005-(early)2008  this you NEED  this in your life.  I find it amazing that that this collection includes 211mb and I had to leave music off of it.


I basicly took a year off from making illnesses. Its not that I didn’t have Ideas  (show picture)  I messed around with the idea of creating one with a Jedi Mind Tricks Theme, a  “OJ Ain’t Locked UP”  assortment before Mr. Simpson was convicted and the Bolder Crest shortey made the whole world say “Aye” even a 3/6 version…which I quickly deaded upon better thinking.

It took my boy Dunn to bring the ILLNESS out of retirement when he asked me if I ever heard or listed to MF Doom….   Had I!!??!!  Mr. “overthrow it like throwing rover a biscuit” happens to be one of my current favorite mc’s so I was more then glad to create


If there is a banging MF Doom Song its on this compilation. The only tracks missing are those from his latest Album “Born Like This” which I think you should definitely buy.

Now I bring to you


Some mc’s no matter how high their talent level or connections to some the worlds my noticeable starts, remain relatively unknown to the masses.  Despite being associated with Puff during apex of Bad Boys popularity,  lacing certified hits by likes of Akon amongst others, and beefing with industry 50 Cent and Jay-Z and various times, Styles P has never really truly appreciated by those outside the underground realm.

Even those who have a ear for subterranean sounds and might even be D-Block fans tend to Jadakiss acolytes and diminish or worse yet dismiss Styles talents. This collection is for all of these types of people.

The “Ghost” as he adamantly  declares  himself  to be, is most certainly one of the hardest out. The adage of “Its not what you say but how you say it” greatly applies to Styles body of work.  Few other can express such strong conviction instilling believability within the listener while traveling  along a rugged landscape. Few artist can dully display such a penchant lyrical aggression and  poignant reflections of modern life.

You should definitely get familiar with the Ghost.

Once again  all of  DA ILLNESS’s  are available for download.





If you have any questions or issues with downloading the files just leave me a message in the comments, twitter, facebook etc…

Enjoy the music  fam..

  1. good idea man-i did the same thing somewhat, but of storytellin tracks aka “the hoodhikers guide to the block”

    im downloadin the buddens one now, then styles, then gucci *doom im good on for now, dangerdoom was a great album imo but i aint in the mood for it yet lol* but im sittin here wonderin HOW gucci got over 200 mbs and buddens only got 100 lol wow

    buddens is probably my favorite artist out right now and if i was to make a best of-it would at LEAST take about 6 cds or so

    but yo-once again appreciate it, im diggin it and i might jack ya idea and jus rename it lol ive done a few of “best of” for some of my fav artists : cee-lo, anthony hamilton, staind, and even did one for haystak but also have a few that ive always wanted to do but havent had time: sean paul of youngbloodz, big gipp, royce 5’9

    props on these my dude-downloadin the styles now-maybe youll finally convince me that jadakiss ISNT the best from the lox..who knows?

    • I remember that “hoodhikers” joint

      I feel you on being in the right space to listen to Doom, he not a “everyday” listen, you really haft to be in the mood to really “listen” to the wild but intricate ish he be saying.

      Gucci was just really on a roll 2005-early 2008 so I had a lot of stuff to choose from, The Budden wasn’t a a best of Budden, just the Mood Muziks cuz like you said you could make CD’s for days of his best ish.

      I’ll take one best of Stained please yo lol

      I always wanted to but never have listened to Haystack..

      Apricate you taking to time to listen em tho fam for real

      • no doubt

        you get soulseek yet or you still slackin? lol ill upload both of em for you

        you might not dig some ‘stak but at LEAST youll keep that “wish you could see me” joint-that ish is classic imo

        ill up em for you homie

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